Phase Eight

Phase Eight

Brilliant dresses are at the centre of Phase Eight, the seventies-born London brand that makes women feel amazing and puts ethics at the front of their garment making.

Patsy Seddon is the founder of Phase Eight, a label launched in 1979 as a solution to the young mothers’ quandary of finding fashionable but affordable clothing. The first boutique was launched in London in Wandsworth Common, at 8 Bellevue Road: an address that contributed half to the brand name.

As of 2017, Phase Eight has 430 stores and concessions around the world. Acting as a microcosm for its intricate, beautiful collections, ‘Collection 8’, produces limited runs of dramatic, beautiful dresses which sell out fast.

Phase Eight also created the ‘8 Bridal’ range.

In 2012, a Phase Eight store opened in Zurich, Switzerland, followed by additional shops in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, America and Australia. In 2015, the brand collected the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

There is a zero tolerance policy on animal cruelty and on poor conditions for workers within the Phase Eight franchise. When concerns were raised about the treatment of angora rabbits in China, the store ceased including angora in its clothes.

For weddings, big presentations, promotions, meeting the parents and day-to-day celebration of life, there’s nothing quite like a dress from Phase Eight. Shop this and more at BrandAlley today and pay less than you would on the high street.

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