Molton Brown

Molton Brown

Discover an exquisite world of fragrances with Molton Brown’s luxury beauty and home gifts.

In 1973, a small hair salon stood on South Molton Street. The basement of this salon was a magical artisan emporium, hand-crafting natural hair care products and creating herbal formulations. These captivating fragrances and luscious lotions laid the foundation for the Molton Brown philosophy.

Leading the way in culture and style, the South Molton Salon soon became an immersive experience for adoring customers. Drawn in by the blossoming floral window displays, and staying for the delicious offerings from the in-house vegetarian café, the glitterati and fashion elite quickly became established members of the salon’s cult following.

Launched as one of Britain’s first luxury hand washes, ‘Bubbling Orange Grove’ became recognised for it’s unforgettable citrus fragrance. Today the iconic lotion is known as the beloved Orange & Bergamot and is found in bathrooms of the world’s most distinguished hotels.

Molton Brown is a brand that understands the charm of individualism. Collaborating with the most exciting perfumers and creating truly unique fragrances has paved the way for Molton Brown, giving us delightful fragrances such as their award-winning Re-charge Black Pepper. Growing from a small-scale artisan label into an international luxury brand today, the heart of Molton Brown is very much London, while it’s spirit is that of the furthest flung corners of the world.

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