Bearing one of the most iconic logos in fashion; Lacoste’s green crocodile motif has come to represent the best in men’s athleisure-inspired clothing.

Founded by French Tennis player René Lacoste (who won his first French Open at twenty) a love of tennis and a keen appreciation of style has made Lacoste a serious player in the game of athleisure. The crocodile logo was born in 1923 after an American journalist called René Lacoste “The Alligator”. By 1933, the first croc-motif Lacoste polo shirts launched and were an instant hit.

In 1951, monochrome polos were launched, and by the 1970’s, the French brand was gaining international acclaim.

Today, Novak Djokovic has become the modern crocodile, his tenacity, perseverance and talent on the tennis court a direct match to René Lacoste himself. The brand he represents is a clean, minimalistic, luxury house of polo shirts, sneakers, accessories and more. Find a men’s Lacoste Outlet here at BrandAlley.

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