True Religion

True Religion

An iconic denim company, True Religion have been doing things differently from the beginning. Their jeans can be found in celebrities’ wardrobes around the world, elevating closets to new, sculpted heights.

Founded in 2002, Los Angeles saw True Religion alter the construction of the classic jean by pulling them apart and piecing them back together with a unique stitch. Thanks to this brand new take on the five-pocket jean stitch, fashion followers quickly caught on.

The now-recognisable horseshoe logo was taken from the silhouette of Buddha’s smile, while the hardware was inspired by denim’s lush history. With its many influences combined, True Religion has become a unique and well-loved player on the fashion scene.

Attention grabbing washes and treatments are designed to appeal to the “fearless”, and are incorporated into the individual style of millions of wearers around the world.

The pioneers of designer denim, True Religion have paved the way for denim worshippers to indulge in myriad washes and styles, all in trend-sensitive iterations and finished with attractive hardware and that classic True Religion stitch.

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