Polo Ralph Lauren Womenswear

Polo Ralph Lauren Womenswear

Polo Ralph Lauren's collection for women is a celebration of American style viewed under a modern lens. The classic influences of Lauren's 1971 line of tailored shirts is beautifully evident in each collection and piece today.

In 1972 Ralph Lauren opened his first freestanding store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. The same year Lauren released a short-sleeve cotton shirt in 24 colours. This design, emblazoned with the company's famed logo—that of a polo player, created by tennis pro René Lacoste—became the brand’s signature look. In 1977 Polo Ralph Lauren introduced a signature cotton mesh polo shirt in various colours, featuring the polo player logo on the chest.

In the early 80s, Ralph Lauren came to London and opened the first freestanding store in London's affluent West End- signalling their entrance to the European market. The multi-coloured knits and sweaters perfectly complement the fashion-forward styles favoured by European women, featuring predominantly along the French Riviera to the glamorous streets of Chelsea.

Polo Ralph Lauren is one of most iconic brands out there, its collections loaded with iconic styles and all-American appeal. Elevated icons in navy and white with splashes of red—including blazers, tailored pants, and Bengal stripes—are updated in relaxed proportions.

Find timeless silhouettes and luxurious fabrics in our Polo Ralph Lauren womenswear range. Offering both casual and formal options, from cosy knitted jumpers to elegant evening dresses, this selection embodies the classic elegance the designer is known for.

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