Conceived on a sunny day in Portugal in 2012, Futah began with a simple idea: to create beautiful, lightweight towels that would be both absorbent and functional without compromising on style.

Today, Futah create a wide range of stunning accessories that are practical, easy to transport and brighten beaches the world over with their creative and colourful designs. Made using 100% cotton, these Arabian inspired towels are resistant, ultra-absorbent and designed to take up little space, giving customers the freedom to enjoy life.

Each product is carefully handcrafted using the finest fabric, guaranteeing the best practices of the textile industry. Browse this stylish collection of unique, accessories and with original patterns and elegant designs to suit every style. .

Futah is made with a unique fabric, inspired by traditional Arab towels. With the utmost respect for this ancient art, Futah reinvented the concept, perfecting the composition of the fabric and developing original patterns inspired by the Portuguese beaches of their childhoods. The outcome is a light and resistant towel composed from 100% cotton, that dries fast and yet occupies very little space — perfect for hot days and cool nights.

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