Michael Kors Womenswear

Michael Kors  Womenswear

The jet set are that sparkling crowd of VIP’s who travel the world in a gleaming flurry of champagne and Instagram posts. Michael Kors is the physical embodiment of that set, their accessories in particular telling the narrative of that modern glamour.

World-renowned, award-winning and impossible to resist, the label was founded in 1981 by – you guessed it – Michael Kors. At his label’s heart is an ethos of solid gold glamour. Languorous tans, burning pavements and salty, seaside towns all evoke the same emotions that this incredibly popular label stirs. The simple lines and astonishing glamour of his gold-toned watch and leather bag has the power to bewitch millions of women the world over.

Now, Michael Kors handbags and watches are a pillar of modern glam dressing. This enduring luxury empire has stores in New York, Beverley Hills, Chicago, London, Milan, Paris, Munich, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Jong, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro. Clearly, his work is loved in some of the most fabulous and far-reaching corners of the world.

Find Michael Kors leather satchels, tote bags, accessories and more in sales that contain East-West, Mercer, Daniela and plenty of Jet Set styles.