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Oliver Sweeney Menswear

Oliver Sweeney  Menswear

'What Manolo Blahnik is to women, so Oliver Sweeney is to men' - Dylan Jones penned in GQ, firmly placing the brand on the feet of the suavest gentlemen in the fashion world.

At the age of 16, cool kid Oliver dreamed of running away to London to be a shoemaker. So he did. The big ideas of a small town kid, quickly turned into an obsession of learning and fine-tuning his craft, under the watchful eyes of London's best bespoke shoemakes. Eventually, Oliver decided to walk in his own shoes and started his own business, quickly becoming one of the great maverick shoe designers the world has known.

Each pair of Sweeney's shoes are made to last a lifetime, and when a label can easily pride themselves on their products longevity, you know it must be good. Sweeney's are notoriously good for listening to and responding to customers wants too.Each boot, brogue and trainer is made with excruciating attention to detail, just as was the case with Oliver's very first pair of shoes.

Oliver Sweeney are constantly evolving, by combining classic shoe-making techniques, with the finest quality materials, and finished with innovative technologies. Each pair of shoes are made in the same, family-run factory in Italy. The Adriatic East Coast is home, and famous for it's shoe-making (thanks to the beautiful perfection of Oliver Sweeney footwear.

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