Le Chameau

Le Chameau

Innovators and Heritage designers, Le Chameau is a wellington boot supplier begun in France and coveted all over the world. Shop these icons today (for less!)

1927 was the year that began this wellington boot company, which uses natural rubber for its high elasticity and natural resilience and waterproof qualities. The only rubber boots to be handmade by a single master of the boot-making trade, the particular process of making these shoes has been used for decades.

In Cherbourg in 1927, a Claude Chamot heard the local workmen complaining about their work boots and began to make boots which fixed their problems. His pioneering methods, which used vulcanised rubber, made his shoes durable, warm and comfortable. His reputation soon grew, and before long, his boots were soon coveted all over France, and then the world.

Today, country walkers, festival-goers, fishers, hunters and agriculturalists choose Le Chameau as a boot with great pedigree and beautiful, fashionable aesthetics.

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