Liv Oliver

Liv Oliver

Liv Oliver produces jewellery with personality. Her beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings and more all give the wearer a special radiance, thanks to premium materials she uses in her White Label, Black Label and Best Sellers ranges.

“Fashion-minded women” are the typical Liv Oliver customer: these are women who follow the trends, but aren’t enslaved by them. The Liv Oliver women is fun-loving and hard-working, and enjoys looking good through both work and play.

From the very start, this jewellery designer has taken inspiration from far-reaching places and people. As well as sourcing design inspiration from countries and cultures around the globe, her jewellery is crafted with materials also sourced worldwide.

Striking earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more are crafted using agate, onyx, rubies, gold and other premium materials gathered from around the world.

From subtle gold-plated earrings with stone settings to magnificent drop pendants, Liv Oliver’s collections embody a quiet glamour that so many of her – and our – customers covet.

Unearth treasures for your jewellery box, featuring jade, sapphire, emerald and so many more premium materials. Shop Liv Oliver sale at BrandAlley and pay less for your dream day and night jewellery wardrobe.