Jimmy Choo Womenswear

Jimmy Choo  Womenswear

Launched by its eponymous founder in 1996, Jimmy Choo grew exponentially from a boutique in the East End to international jet-set’s go-to. Jimmy Choo shoes are loved by everyone from the late Princess Diana to Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, this label now has a reputation that precedes it.

Born from the East End, Mr Choo and his niece Sandra Choi grew their shoe brand into a cultural signpost and fashion god. Choi, who is now the label’s Creative Director, has continued to tend to her uncle’s label so that it flourishes into even more of a fashion authority.

Among the first to make accessories a focus-point of red carpet dressing, Jimmy Choo has since dressed hundreds of film stars, musicians, artists, royalty and heads of state such as Emma Stone, Lupita N’Yongo, The Duchess of Cambridge and Michelle Obama.

Photographers with reputations that precede them such as Mario Testino and Steven Meisel helped to plant the label in a league unsurpassed by any other accessories brand. Adverts portraying strong women in towering heels have helped to seal the Jimmy Choo shoe as a piece of art; modern day fashion iconography.

Now an international pitstop for instant glamour, Jimmy Choo has boutiques in New York City, Beverley Hills, Paris, Rome, Tokyo and London. Its shoes and other accessories continue to inspire millions of women with its aspirational, exquisitely finished designs.

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