The luxury is in the details. Monthblanc offers the height of style to the modern man. The company crafts sophisticated time pieces, leather goods, jewellery and scents to the highest standards.

This business started in 1906 when banker, Alfred Nehemias and engineer August Eberstein started producing simple pens. This laid the foundations for what would become an internationally renowned company operating in more than 70 countries. Years of entrepreneurship and meticulous work has led to the feats of design that Montblanc produces to this day offering the very highest quality products.

As well as quality, Montblanc focuses on memories and continuity of the brand through generations. From its origins, Montblanc has expanded from producing pens to all kinds of accessories including wallets, watches and cufflinks to accompany any man’s outfit perfectly.

In 2016, actor Hugh Jackman became a global ambassador for Montblanc mirroring the style and class of the brand as well as sharing personal experiences with the brand when visiting Hamburg.

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