Vilebrequin swimwear was born in 1971, while Fred Prysquel sat outside a cafe in Saint Tropez. Inspired by the chic surroundings and brightly dressed vacationers of the French Riviera, he sketched out his first design for the perfect swimming shorts on the tablecloth in front of him. Named after the French word for ‘craft shank’, Fred designed his collections taking inspiration from surfers catching perfect waves in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. The very first Vilebrequin creation was a long boxer short style, very different to the shorter, fitted men’s swimsuits which were fashionable at that time. Crafted from spinnaker cloth, the men’s swimsuit was bright, original and designed to quickly dry in the sun, making it the perfect piece to casually move from the water to lunch.

With its extensive collection of printed shorts, the luxury swimwear line has grown into a well renowned, family brand offering matching father and son styles. Vilebrequin is famed for its ever-evolving yet classic sea of colourful swimming shorts, including its quirky Penguin shorts and iconic Rolling Stones shorts. Durable and timeless, these classic embroidered swimsuits have become a point of reference for the male jet-setter the world over.

All of Vilebrequin’s trunks are made from a special high-density polyamide, which is more tear-resistant than polyester but dries just as fast. The company buys luxurious yarn from an Italian mill and sends it to Spain to be expertly woven. Once that process is finished the weaver treats the material to break down the fibres just enough so that it feels very, very soft against the skin. The fabric is then sent to a highly-skilled embroiderer in the heart of Italy or Broderies Langlet, a French company that has been making lace and other embroidered materials for over 60 years. The design here is meant to mimic the scales of a turtle, Vilebrequin’s house mascot. Next step is the construction. A close inspection of the trunks will show the scales are consistent all the way around the shorts, even on the seems- a technique that is difficult to master. The back pocket is cut and placed by hand to specifically preserve the look of the pattern. They’re also designed to drain water quickly, with eyelet holes in the back pocket and net-lined front pockets, which reduces the balloon effect that happens when emerging from water. The metal tips of the drawstring cord and back button (Which is stamped with a turtle) are made from Zamac, an industrial grade zinc alloy that’s water resistant and so strong that it's also used to make car engine parts. The mesh lining of the swimming trunks is cut from an upgraded, polyester fabric surrounded by strands of cotton. It is both hypoallergenic and comfortable. Best of all Vilebrequin will replace the lining for free if it get’s damaged. Luxury is products that can be repaired, because being able to repair something means it will last.

Along with their collection of men’s swim shorts, their t-shirts, accessories and shoes for men are all created with innovative designs and materials, and their elegance and charm make them a must-have for your suitcase.

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