Dock & Bay

Dock & Bay

Say no to ever-wet towels riddled with sand, say yes to Dock & Bay! Dock & Bay are a lifestyle brand who have developed the perfect product for intrepid travellers, beach goers and fitness lovers.

Dock & Bay reinvented the towel to be sand free, quick drying, odourless and colourful too! The material is so compact you can easily fit it in a weekend bag without having to compromise on space, even though the towels are big enough to cover a sun lounger.

The founders Andy and Benno didn’t stop there; Dock & Bay now stock a funky range of round beach blankets, head wraps, swim shorts and ponchos to take your holiday to the next level.

With the company’s proud ecological initiative, saving turtles and keeping dry has never been so easy. Their swimming shorts are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles for a total of 6 bottles per pair of shorts.

Enjoy the beach, stay sand free and save the planet with Dock & Bay’s fun product range, now for a fraction of the RRP only at .