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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

One of modern fashion’s most recognisable names, Calvin Klein Womenswear rose to fame in the nineties for its minimalistic aesthetic, collaborations with supermodels and cult underwear.

Klein himself was born in 1942, and founded his eponymous company with business partner Charles Schwartz in 1968. By the early nineteen-seventies, Klein’s artistic direction and Schwartz’s business management had made the label millions of dollars in sales.

The initial focus of the label was on women’s outerwear, but soon expanded into more- women's underwear, which also carried a streamlined silhouette.

Jewellery and Fragrance followed later, also adopting the minimal, clean aesthetic. Women's denim also proved popular from the off, while the now iconic underwear had become popular by the nineteen-eighties.

Kate Moss has been a muse for the brand and featured in many of its instantly recognisable advertisements. Most recently, the Kardashian Sisters featured in a #MyCalvinFamily campaign. Today, the brand is artistically directed by Raf Simons, previously of Dior. Francisco Costa designed previous to Simons’ tenure.

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