Gerard Darel

Gerard Darel

Founded in the early 1970s in Paris by Danièle and Gérard Darel, the brand embodies elegant French style. The Gérard Darel wardrobe is sophisticated, understated and classically chic, with elegant blouses, relaxed knitwear, feminine skirts, retro denim, day dresses and classic coats. Paris is the first source of inspiration for the designers, looking to vintage architecture and culture within the chic city to craft functional yet refined clothing.

The meticulous tailoring work creates ultra-feminine lines and fluid draping, made for the modern, fashion-conscious woman. With a pared back attitude to colours and patterns, the clothing is bold yet timeless, infinitely wearable, and perennially stylish. In 2003 the 24-hour bag was designed, a sophisticated and refreshingly unpretentious handbag, becoming an instant success and an icon of the brand. Whether leather, knitted, fringed, studded, basic or colourful, this must-have piece satisfies every desire. Each creation from Gérard Darel is original and unique yet simple, allowing the wearer to take it from workday-to-weekend with smart-casual blazers, printed maxi dresses, sophisticated tweed cardigans and wide leg trousers.

Following their tradition of excellence, exceptional care is taken in the creation of their pieces, which transcend fashions and eras. With leathers coming from the best Italian tanneries, the quality of the fabrics and finishes are unparalleled, including exclusive metalwork accessories.

Having gained notoriety across Europe, the French label became a go-to boutique for boho-loving celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner and Kristen Bell. Gérard Darel’s designs feature classic, understated cuts that can be passed on from mother to daughter, elongating the life of the clothing, while remaining resolutely contemporary.

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