Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Since their launch in 1993 with six essential handbags, Kate Spade has always stood for optimistic femininity. Today, they are a global life and style house filled with handbags (of course), as well as clothing, shoes, jewellery and more. With crisp colour, graphic prints and playful sophistication being the hallmarks of the brand, they take an artful approach to the everyday and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Their story began when Kate Brosnahan Spade, an accessories editor at Mademoiselle, was frustrated she couldn't find the fashionable, practical handbag she'd been searching for for years, so she took matters into her own hands and set out to design the perfect one in the comfort of her own apartment. Her original samples were made out of construction paper and scotch tape, combining sleek shapes and colourful palettes in an entirely new way. She debuted six versions of a bag called ‘Sam’ that womenswear and fashion editors immediately fell in love with, which then went on to spark a revolution in accessories.

Kate Spade’s name became shorthand for cute, clever bags that were an instant hit, originally with cosmopolitan women in the early stages of their careers; however later became extremely popular among younger girls. Buying a Kate Spade bag was once seen as a coming-of-age ritual for a whole generation of American women. Kate Spade always had a piece for every occasion and created an accessories empire that helped define the look of an era. The handbags she made were seen as legendary and became a status symbol, and practically a right of passage for '80s and '90s kids.

Throughout her career, Kate Spade’s work has captured the hearts of many women, both famous and not. One of her biggest fans is Kate Middleton who has been photographed in Kate Spade designs over and over again. The vibrant, l brand, with its polished, super-feminine aesthetic, has also attracted many other famous fans and been worn by everyone from Issa Rae to Kate Bosworth.

Representing a style that is synonymous with joy, Kate Spade boasts modern, sophisticated colours that make a personal style statement all on their own. It’s these founding principles, as well as thoughtful details, that define the unique style that looks, and feels, so chic. Look out for their signature spade logo that is thoughtfully integrated into all their designs for a delightful surprise, sometimes it's obvious and standout, other times so subtle you’ll need to look carefully.

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