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Fitflop Womenswear

Fitflop  Womenswear

Are these the most comfortable shoes in the world? Over ten years of microwobble technology and thousands of worldwide shops later, it’s no surprise there’s an army of women who think Fitflop trainers, slippers and sandals are the best ever! Join them and discover designs that have changed lives.

With a mission to empower consumers to live an active and fulfilled life, Fitflop was founded in 2007 offering a collection of on-trend comfortable footwear. Every FitFlop product is biomechanically engineered – which means it’s designed to complement your body structure, joint alignment and natural movement. By creating a Microwobbleboard midsole, FitFlop have created footwear that has been praised again and again as the world’s most comfortable footwear with many describing them as the future of footwear. The first FitFlop Sandal, the Walkstar 1, was first sold in 2007 after a fruitful collaboration between beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore and some expert biomechanics. By placing this brand new technology under the straps of a classic sandal, a new modern phenomenon was born.

Fitflop want you to feel and perform your best, every day. They apply the research, cutting-edge science, and testing, usually reserved for sports performance shoes, across their whole range making it accessible to everyone - because why wouldn’t you want to feel and perform your best, everywhere and every day? It’s not just their trainers that can provide you with the ultimate comfort; from ballet flats and beach flip-flops, to platforms and wellies, Fitflop have re-engineered their magic formula for almost any style imaginable to be easier on your body and ultra-comfortable underfoot.

FitFlop continues to grow and inspire women all over the world, and the BrandAlley FitFlop Clearance always prove immensely popular thanks to our wonderful discounts- no need for any Fitflop discount codes!

Shop our edit of Fitflop shoes ranging from classic ballet pumps, patent effect loafers and flip flops in vibrant greens and pinks. Explore a range of Fitflop sandals with supportive soles for extra comfort in subtle brown or black, or discover an array of printed and colourful designs. Keep your feet warm in the colder months with a selection of boots from leather ankle boots to knee-high boots. Looking for comfort Men’s footwear? Why not check out our Mens’ Fitflop collection. Here at BrandAlley, you can enjoy the unbeatable comfort of futuristic technology at a snip of the RRP. Go forth and conquer the world!