Arguably the most famous sunglasses in the world, American Brand Ray Ban was founded in 1937, originally created for the US Air Corps. This arrangement created the famous 'aviator' style. Today, every one from film stars to soldiers to influencers choose Ray Ban to shade their eyes.

A scratchy 'RB' on the lens is the official mark of Ray Ban. Much more than a simple signature, this etching is a mark of the highest quality, and a nod to the brands impeccable heritage and pedigree.In the early 1950s the brands Wayfarer model garnered a cult following of the coolest kids on the block. the 1980s saw the same phenomenon repeat itself, cementing the fact that Ray Ban will always be aligned with a youthful American cool.

Ray Ban frames are perfect for the rebellious, independent thinker who is ready to take on the world with his style and innovation. The classic Wayfarer is concomitant with its original spokesman- James Dean. The Wayfarer would become a symbol of Dean's rebelliousness as an actor, model and Hollywood icon. Meanwhile, the aviator frame found fame most notably in 1986 when Tom Cruise in Top Gun took the shades back to their roots in the cock pit. Reminding men the world over of their connection to military style, which was then a massive trend, saw sales explode. Today Ray Ban continues to keep its connection to what is, and who is cool.

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