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They say home is where the heart is, which makes sofa's the heartbeat. A sanctuary from the outside world, the place we feel most at home, where everything instantly becomes more manageable from the moment we sit down. It’s often seen as a safe space where you can face everything that the world has to throw at us; so of course it needs to be Snug.

It all started back in 2018 when Snug’s founder, Rob, experienced the difficulties of buying a sofa when moving house. Not only was the experience stressful, but when it arrived (9 weeks later), after the struggle of trying to carry it up the stairs it didn't even fit through the front door. Just when you thought the situation couldn’t possibly get any worse, the company didn't accept returns!

It was then he had a lightbulb moment. What if there was a high-quality, comfortable sofa, delivered conveniently in a manageable box, which could be assembled in the time it took to boil the kettle. Not only that was easy to assemble, but that could be built and rebuilt every time you move home. He partnered with the furniture specialists at Bridgman to make it happen, and just like that, Snug was born... and Europe's first Sofa in a Box with it.

The original collection from Snug, The Rebel, makes a statement in any home with its recognisable sturdy yet sleek design. With solid wood frames and supportive pocket sprung cushions, The Rebel has deep, hugging seats making it perfect for enjoying all those feet-up moments of bliss.

The Big Chill collection is designed to provide you with the comfort that’s often desperately needed after a long or manic day. Guaranteed to fit in any home, these sofas can be assembled in minutes - it'll take you longer to choose what to watch on Netflix. Simply sink into your sofa, relax and unwind.

Lovingly crafted in the UK, The Cloud Sundae sofa allows you to reach a brand-new level of cosy. These plush, plump sofas promise to provide years of blissful relaxation. The Cloud Sundae collection also features storage sofas designed for real homes and real lives, featuring durable, spill-resistant and soft-touch velvet fabric perfect for everyday ease.

Last but not least, let’s introduce the Small Biggie collection notorious for its ultimate level of comfort. Its’ slim, modern design is perfect for adding that contemporary vibe to any home. With chunky pillows to sink into, relaxing has never felt so good. Made to be fully modular, means you can build a sofa to any shape and size. Want to transform a 3-seater into a small corner sofa or to turn it into a large U-shaped sofa? Snug has got you. Each piece can simply slot together as and when your lounging needs change.

If you’re in need of a new sofa, then look no further than Snug. Discover our signature selection of luxurious and sleek sofas from Snug at BrandAlley for up to 80% off RRP.

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