Craghoppers Menswear

Craghoppers Menswear

Whether in the lows of the Amazon thicket, or in the dry Sahara sands, Craghoppers was created to fit your every need. Founded in 1956 a group of innovative minds decided to develop their affection for travel into a career, which lead to the rise of the brand.

Flexible, protective clothing was a desire of the team, which lead to the birth of the Nosilife collection, which gained the company huge success. With the use of innovative materials and scientific minds clothing was made to protect one from the transmission of diseases through insect bites.The quality of this line enabled the brand to grow and develop its lines further.

Craghoppers wants to feed the curious and help them explore for as long as desired. The company actively partake in social media in order to create a space where like minded individuals can converse.

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