O'Neill, the original California surf, snow and Lifestyle Brand. Combining the O'Neill passion for adventure with the BrandAlley lust for a bargain, we have curated a thrilling collection of lifestyle and performance pieces, at amazingly low prices

Jack O' Neill road the wave of adventure all his life and in 1952 he ventured into unknown waters by starting his own business. OK, he didn't stray too far from what he already knew, but capitalised on his love for surfing and skating and opened up a Surf Shop filled with neoprene vests he made himself. After the success of that, Jack dived head-first into the wetsuit business.

What made The Surf Shop so successful was more than the innovative product Jack sold, it was the sense of welcome and community that the shop offered to local and visiting surfers alike. Swas more than a place of buy and sell; it was a place in which local surfers came to hang out. Jack's surf shop was the home of innovation and ideas/It was also the home of “shorty”, “long john” and “long-sleeved beaver-tail” wetsuits, which broadened the horizon for these water sport lovers.

' I just want to surf longer' is the simple quote that the oldest surf brand in history is built upon. From humble Cali beginnings to now being a long standing favourite among surfers, skaters and skiiers world wide, O'Neill continues to revolutionise the way millions can share their common sporting passions.

The world of wetsuits will always be at the brands core, but their design and innovation have evolved to include every day wear, for on and off the board and beach. Discover the O'Neill sale on BrandAlley to meet all your adventure-seeking style needs.

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