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It's been over 100 years since Samsonite began producing leather trunks and contemporary luggage. Today, the brand focuses on lightweight, tough yet stylish suitcases for the modern travelling man.

When Jesse Shwayder founded Samsonite in 1910, travel was a luxury held only for the most affluent. Their luggage reflected this exclusivity. Travel trunks were made of robust, luxury materials and Samsonite were the leaders of luggage at the turn of the 20th century.

In 1941 Samonsite turned their focus to making lighter luggage. The breakthrough came with a wooden frame and vulcanised fiber- creating a luxurious leather look and feel. Some 30 years later, the wheeled suitcase made it's debut, shortly followed by advanced locking systems in the 1980s.

Today, Samsonite are still the leaders in their field. Suitcases continue to get lighter, yet stronger- thanks to forward thinking designs. Samsonsite's futuristic suitcases are a prominent site in airports around the world, thanks to their innovative aesthetic.

Always an original, and always and innovator, Samsonite is still regarded as the worlds most famous luggage brand.

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