L' Occitane

L' Occitane

Of all the beauty brands in all the world, L’Occitane is perhaps one of the most delicious. French to the bones and up to its elbows in natural, delicious-smelling produce, this is a skin and bodycare expert it’s impossible to resist.

The founder of L’Occitane is Olivier Baussan, a child of Provence, southern France. At just 23, Baussan recreated the traditions of his region and purchased an old-fashioned steam distiller which he used to create pure rosemary essential oil.

From these humble beginnings, this French label retained a sense of tradition and ingredient-purchasing inspired by the Mediterranean. Occitanie was the ancient province once covered by the south of France, northeastern Spain and northern Italy, and is the area that gives this brand its name.

Throughout the years, L’Occitane added lavender, shea butter and more exquisite ingredients to its roster. As a sensory brand, it was one of the world’s first to add Braille to its products. By 2001, spas had begun to open, using all branded products and providing an indulgent experience.

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