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Father's day - WIN20
Father's day - WIN20

2NDDAY Womenswear

2NDDAY  Womenswear

2NDDAY is a Danish/Scandinavian progressive women's label standing on the base of denim, leather and tailoring, with focus on an excellent quality and fit. 2NDDAY is an artistic atelier with a raw elegance and collections are divided into jeans and ready to wear.

2NDDAY mantra is: 'To create is to destroy. This means that we are always evolving. We are breaking the rules. We want to be where we have not been before. We want to see what we have not seen before.' The younger sister to Day Birger Mikkelsen, 2NDDAY womenswear is for women who push boundaries and aren't afraid to ask the difficult questions.

The focus for this edgy, new Danish concept brand is on confident, alluring and inclusive design with an effortlessly feminine personality. But feminine doesn't mean floral or sickly shades of pink for 2NDDAY, think more along the lines of acid green leopard print power suits, contrasting block colour coats, and flirty graphic print tees. The concept is simple and minimal, focusing on excelling fit and quality.

Still a relatively well kept secret of the uber-cool Scandi girls of Instagram, 2NNDAY denim are what aesthetically pleasing #fashion feeds are made of. Princess Sofia has been photographed repeatedly in 2NDDAY duster coats and pencil skirts.

Discover the 2NDDAY womenswear collection at, from denim jeans, to contemporary knitwear, to duster coats and crisp white shirts- all for a fraction of the RRP!

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