Banyan Jewellery

Banyan Jewellery

In 1997 Yaniv Zalman strove to create a brand where beauty and absolute customer satisfaction came together.His collection ranges from unique opalite jewellery to stone, silver and multi-tone pieces.

Yaniv’s Zalman’s inspiration has come from travelling the world, bringing an aspect of multiculturalism to his pieces. Incredible precision is employed to produce this intricate pieces which are hand crafted by a specialist team of silversmiths. Regularly amplified with exquisite stones and metals, each piece is produced in 925 sterling silver.

One may be lucky enough to witness Yaniv’s exhibitions and major U.K trade shows where there trademark teal green stand can be spotted from some distance. New seasonal ranges are regularly released offering a different style and approach to silver compared to the prior collection.

Meticulous quality control is adhered to to insure the high standard of Banyan jewellery. The well being of each production team involved in the making of the pieces is extremely important to the company. Banyan Jewellery truly appreciate their jubilant workforce and are major advocates for ethical trading.

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