G-Star Womenswear

G-Star  Womenswear

G-Star has been the denim brand of the cool kids since it's creation 30 years ago. G-Star catapulted raw denim into the wardrobes of the fashion leaders worldwide. No other denim brand is as innovative or sophisticated as G-Star. This brand breaks and remakes all the denim rules.

G- Star was founded in 1989, with a focus on creating raw denim- an unwashed, untreated, denim, with a military influence that is evident in creation and design. Quickly earning itself the reputation 'the most luxurious denim in the street' by fusing high- level craftsmanship with street level edge and creating a new denim sector.

G-Star for women is inspired by women of the world. The beautiful, versatile material continues to push the boundaries of how it looks, moves and feels. The result is a wide range of women's denim products, styles and fits. G-Star are committed to always sourcing the best quality cotton from around the world, and are very environmentally aware when it comes to production.

Since Pharrell joined the G-Star company, by becoming co-owner in 2014, G-Star was reconfirmed as the coolest denim brand around. Following on from Pharrell, Jaden Smith is the most recent millennial to lend his name to the highly coveted denim brand, with a 2018 collection.

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