Seasalt Womenswear

Seasalt  Womenswear

The jewel of Cornwall, Seasalt encompasses what it means to be a true British coastal brand.

In 1981 the Chadwick family popped into the General Clothing Store for some waterproof coats to see them through a rainy day at the beach (Is there anything more British?!)They left the store with more than they bargained for, and were now the proud owners of the outfitters. Completely captivated by Cornish life and trade, the family packed up their life as they knew it and moved to St Ives to begin their new adventure.

Every day the family sold wares to sailors and fishermen and farmers of the area, and this is how brothers Leigh, David and Neil learned what exactly their customers expected from products they purchased to protect them from the elements of the British weather and the Celtic Sea. Sadly, the brother's father, Don, passed away in 2001 and the boys decided to honour the man they learned everything from by creating a clothing brand.The brand was inspired by everything Don had loved about Cornwall...Seasalt was born.

In 2004 Sophie met Neil, and her love of textiles coupled with his endless ideas and enthusiasm were what propelled Seasalt into the brand it is today. Simplicity is at the heart of everything Seasalt, and every item is not only beautiful but also useful. Seasalt products have a utilitarian feel but are also gloriously soft, delicately beautiful and incredibly comfortable. Never, ever compromising on quality, Seasalt clothing for women are created for longevity and you wont find better- that is the Seasalt promise.

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