Are these the most comfortable shoes in the world? Ten years of microwobble technology and thousands of worldwide shops later, and there’s an army of women who think so. Join them with designs that have changed lives.

At just a decade old, FitFlop are in many ways, the future of footwear. The first FitFlop Sandal, the Walkstar 1, was sold in 2007 after a fruitful collaboration between beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore and some expert biomechanics. By placing this brand new technology under the straps of a classic sandal, a new modern phenomenon was born.

By creating a Microwobbleboard midsole, FitFlop created footwear that has again and again been praised as the world’s most comfortable footwear.

The magic formula is now available in more than just sandals, with the technology making its way into boots, clogs and sneakers as well as classic flip flop styles.

FitFlop continues to grow and inspire women the world over, and the BrandAlley FitFlop Clearance always prove immensely popular thanks to our wonderful discounts. Here, you can enjoy the unbeatable comfort of futuristic technology at a snip of the RRP. Go forth and conquer the world!

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