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100% Linen

100% Linen

100% Linen has a desire for quality and a dislike of excess. They create well-designed and long-lasting apparel that speaks to their philosophy.

Every single product is cut and designed from natural linen, and nothing else. Linen is easy to grow, requires little water and is biodegradable. Once sourced it is durable, resilient and only gets better and softer with time.

Linen is breathable and moisture-wicking, so it keeps you perfectly cool through summer months, and can be comfortably layered in the cooler ones. 100% Linen respects the versatility of natural linen and creates stunning silhouettes from dreamy dresses, tapered bottoms and oversized tops that are as relaxing as they are sustainable.

If you are in the market for sustainable and stylish linen, look no further than 100% linen. Discover the 100% Linen collection at for always up to 70% off.

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