An unlikely choice for the 1964 British Olympic sailing squad, Keith Musto was too light and too short for the boat he was to compete in, so he trained with his team every day of the year, breaking the sailing mold and ushering in the era of the athlete sailor.

This new breed of fitness-fanatics were hyper-aware of the unsuitability of sweaters and flannel trousers for their sport. Musto himself (after winning silver at the ’64 Tokyo Olympics), took it upon himself to revolutionise technical sailing apparel.

Beginning by crafting sails, Keith soon began constructing technical sailing clothing that, by 1980, would be endorsed by the world’s greatest sailors. After that, Keith began to apply his patented sailing fabric to Equestrian and Shooting.

His designs also extended to the drysuit, which Keith revolutionised, extending survival time for wearers in cool waters from fifteen minutes to 2 hours. Today, that limit has increased to 3 hours.

With more than 50-years experience, the brand caters to skiers, explorers, and general fitness-mavens. The brand has clothed Olympians and other professional athletes, royalty and record breakers. Become one of its many fans today when you shop Musto for less at BrandAlley.

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