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Sturdy and stylish, Sorel boots and more are Canadian heritage footwear with a stylish edge. Built to be tough, these shoes are made for women who aren’t afraid of getting their hands (and boots) dirty.

Founded in 1962 in Canada, Sorel is built on a proud heritage of functionality and craftmanship. Through the decades, the shoes have changed to reflect the trends, though these basic principles have always remained the same. Not all Sorel shoes are boots, but there’s a boot in every shoe they make.

By combining felt, wool, premium leather and careful construction, the perfect adventuring footwear is made. With a polar bear as its logo, these Canadian treads set the tone for strength, adventure and a love of The Great Outdoors.

Ideal for trekking, exploring or simply meandering, every pair of Sorel shoes come imbued with comfort and cool that any adventurer will love. All stamped with the guarantee of quality, they’re shoes that will never let you down.

Find sandals, shoes and classic Sorel boots on BrandAlley for less than you could have ever hoped for, and be ready for your next adventure.

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