This Works

This Works

Naturally effective, rooted in science and proven to work, This Works is synonymous with luxurious and 100% natural skincare and wellness products that promote optimum personal wellbeing. Founded by an award-winning international journalist, beauty expert and former Vogue Beauty Director, Kathy Phillips, This Works has been decades ahead of the wellness curve since its launch in the early noughties. From the beloved Deep Sleep Pillow Spray that will send you right into the perfect slumber, to the Perfect Legs Skin Miracle that will leave your limbs feeling perfectly smooth and gold in a matter of minutes; it’s no surprise This Works products keep making it into cult classic skincare edits time and time again. If you needed any more proof, since launching their first sleep spray in 2004, they have now sold over 8 million pillow sprays.

Today it takes a 360° approach to skin and body health with natural, therapeutic fragrance and botanical oils underpinning each and every product. At the heart of each luxury lotion, cream or spray is Superblend. This is a three-element ingredient system, made up of naturally derived and scientifically proven therapeutic ingredients, allowing each and every product to work perfectly in tune with your body clock.

One thing that sets This Works apart is its dedication to research in order to develop clean, targeted, sleep, skincare and wellness products that work in harmony with your body clock, 24hrs a day. As a brand, they regularly use a panel of real women, with real lives, who continue to put formulas through their paces, and most importantly, make sure they work. We Works believe that their customers are the ultimate judge, so who better to have the final say? Only they should decide ‘This Works’, that’s why at least 70% of their panellists must agree 'This Works' before any product is launched.

At the heart of We Works is the belief that a good night’s sleep is the first (and most important) step in any selfcare, wellness or beauty routine. That’s why a good night’s sleep is the driving force for everything they do, so if you’re going to trust anyone to understand the importance of creating powerful products that work around the clock to help you feel like your best self, then it should be This Works.

Why not get a great night's sleep with their best-selling Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which is proven to soothe, calm and help you fall into a beautifully peaceful slumber, so you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed than ever. Or, Try their intensely moisturising hand cream with Vitamin E and Shea Butter on those days when your hands are feeling especially dry, sensitive and in serious need of relief. Discover the collection from this bestselling brand, including the cult Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, and get up to 80% off at BrandAlley!

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