Bally Womenswear

Bally Womenswear

Authenticity and adventure- that’s what Bally stands for. For over 150 year the Swiss born brand has been a master of craftmanship, creating bags, footwear and clothing for lovers of luxury.

Bally is a Swiss luxury fashion house founded in 1851 by brothers Carl & Fritz Bally. Inspiration for the modern fashion house stems from a shoe-shopping trip to Paris, when Carl was buying novel shoes for his wife. One hundred years later, Carl’s grandson Max Bally designed one of the most iconic shoe the Scribe- which was named in homage to the famous Hotel Scribe in Paris.

Today, Bally has been reimagined for the modern-day woman. Offering a collection of buttery soft leather handbags, spirited tennis shoes and sneakers, artful accessories and clean-lined, neutral toned handbags, honouring newfound signature house hardware.

Bally stands for more than aesthetically-pleasing, beautifully crafted goods. Recognising their responsibility of one of the greatest fashion houses around the globe, in 2019 Bally published their Sustainability Roadmap. This is based on transparency, quality, collaboration and progress. Bally indicate an intent to target quantifiable goals across the business, including reducing omissions, labour protection and banning the use of animal skin and fur in their production.

More recently, Bally signed the Fashion Pact- champing a more sustainable fashion industry, but addressing the climate, biodiversity and oceans.

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