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It’s a jewellery brand with little need for explanation; queues stretch outside its shops every weekend; millions around the world wear their charms with pride. It is of course, Pandora, the incredible jewellery universe.

Each piece is hand-finished and made to the highest standards, sold in over 100 countries and loved by millions. Of Danish heritage, Pandora was founded in 1982 in a single jeweller’s shop in Copenhagen by goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie.

In an extraordinary journey of talent and entrepreneurship, the small company blossomed into a globally-coveted designer powerhouse that manufactures its beautiful goods in Thailand.

Popular for its delicate rings, Pandora is probably best known for its charms. Perfect for gifts and collecting, millions have fallen under the spell of these unique pieces, in myriad designs from love hearts to miniature dogs and occasion-appropriate celebrations.

Part of the allure of this jewellery brand is the ease with which the pieces slip into your existing wardrobe. Find some of the most popular and coveted styles here on our Pandora Sale at BrandAlley for less than you’d pay in store…and without any of the queues!

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