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No wardrobe, whether it’s Autumn, Winter, Spring or even Summer, is complete without cashmere. Whether you need to wrap up warm by layering cosy turtlenecks with your favourite trench coat, a snug cardigan to wear under your spring denim, or a lightweight sweater that will take any summer dress from day to night when those summer evenings get a little chilly – you simply can’t go wrong with cashmere.

Not only is cashmere the finest, softest and warmest yarn, but it is also extremely durable and can easily last 10 years (and over 200 wears) when taken care of properly. This special yarn comes from rare fibres found in the undercoat of cashmere goats. These goats live mainly in Mongolia and China, a region renowned for its extreme temperature fluctuations between seasons. Cashmere goats adapted to these harsh climates by developing a double fleece; an outer guard layer that protects the undercoat from water, and an undercoat made of ultra-fine hairs with strong insulating properties; helping to keep the goats warm in the winter but not too hot in the summer.

For centuries, cashmere has been known as the 'jewel of fabrics'. Here at BrandAlley, with our huge Scott & Scott cashmere sales, we've made this luxury accessible to absolutely everyone. Discover our huge range of cashmere from Scott & Scott, with everything from neutral hues and sleek shapes to bold coloured knits and accessories to keep you wrapped up on the chilliest of days. Experience the feel and warmth of 100% cashmere for yourself and stay luxuriously toasty all throughout the year.

Everything feels so much more decadent in cashmere, from your staple jumpers you pull out every day to the smaller details and accessories like socks, gloves and scarves; so if you're looking to add luxury to your collection of knits, look no further.

Add a hint of luxury to those lazy days with a cashmere loungewear co-ord, or slip on an oversized roll-neck jumper to layer up on those crisp winter mornings. Experience the cosy, super-soft indulgence for yourself with our collection of Scott & Scott Women's Cashmere knitwear at up to 80% off RRP.

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