Axel Arigato Men's

Axel Arigato Men's

Having launched in 2014 with founders Max Svardh and Albin Johansson, Axel Arigato have cemented themselves as an iconic brand in such a short space of time. Based in Gothenburg, Axel Arigato entered the men’s footwear industry with the aim to shake it up by the way it launches new products, now with new products being launched weekly.

Sticking to their original concept, Axel Arigato have become leaders in all things minimal when it comes to men’s footwear. The overnight success of the brand is due to Axel Arigato’s commitment of listening to their customers and engaging from day one. Axel Arigato understand what people want from a shoe brand.

Their instantly recognisable shoe is an eye-catching silhouette that captures the eye of passers-by. Within a short six years Alex Arigato is now strengthening their sneaker collection with a newly released collection of ankle boots and more recently a bag and outerwear collection.

With only six stores worldwide, step into a new generation of minimalistic shoes with and shop Axel Arigato online today.

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