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Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Borg

The Björn Borg luxury underwear collection is just as long lasting as the memory of the man himself, as breathtaking as his play and as eye-catching as his records.

Founded in 1984 with Rohdi Heintz at the design helm, the Björn Borg Collection started off in sports apparel before taking a brave step into the underwear world. After the search for the perfect boxers shorts the Björn Borg Classic Shorts 3201 were born, changing the history of men’s underwear.

In the spirit of disrupting the norm, designer Anders Arnborger went on a search for the perfect boxers. He developed a bold and brilliant underwear concept. With its 17 pieces, stitched together with flat lock seams to create the ultimate fit, the Björn Borg Classic Shorts 3201 is the most iconic to date.

Even though they were packaged beautifully, no re-seller wanted to buy them! The model was too ground-breaking at the time. But giving up is not the Björn Borg style, and stamina led to results. 'The Perfect Fit' became an international phenonemon and the boxers soon flooded the international market.

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