These beautiful espadrilles from Spain, which have been in production since the 18th Century, are a summer staple of the fashion lover. You can shop high and low styles in neutral and bright colours here at BrandAlley.

Rafael Castaner, the first espadrille-maker of the family, was born in 1776. Passing the craft from father to son, the first espadrille workshop was opened in 1926, by cousins Luis and Tomas.

Bizarrely, the company was nationalised during the Spanish Civil War of the nineteen-thirties, as the Republican government classed the footwear as a military item.

By the nineteen-sixties, husband and wife Lorenzo and Isabel decided to refocus the business into a more fashion capacity. By adding some colour, the shoes became popular as a classic Mediterranean product. Soon, Yves Saint Laurent was employing the brand to make its wedge espadrilles.

Since this chance meeting at a trade fair, the brand has designed for several other high end fashion houses.

An official shop was opened in 1994, in Barcelona. Today, it has outlets in Madrid, Paris, Saint Tropez, Tokyo and elsewhere. The espadrilles are sold all over the world and are marketed as a sunny, holiday shoes born in the Mediterranean.

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