Trend sensitive though Mango’s designs may be, they are always as ready for the commute as they are for the catwalk. With roots in Spain, they have come to represent one of the British High Street’s greatest assets.

Founded in 1984 in Barcelona, Spain, Mango offered affordable, trend-led fashion to customers in their home country until 1992, when the label expanded to Portugal. Now, the high-street store has 2,731 outlets in 105 different countries.

Today, the chain can be found on many a British high street, offering stylish dresses, suede jackets, cool footwear and irresistible coats at affordable prices. Always guided by their Spanish roots, Mango’s designs have an air of summer-time chill, no matter the season.

In particular, we love the butter soft suede jackets and airy, casual dresses that carry the insouciant style of this store. Skirts, trousers, blazers and tops are all also available, providing equally beautiful foundations for an elevated wardrobe.

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