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Established at the dawn of the nineteen-eighties, Senso was founded by husband and wife Scarlett and Kim Meller in Australia. High quality yet affordable, their footwear immediately filled a gap in the market.

Since then, the Mellers’ three daughters Alicia, Imogen and Skye have all joined to run the business, bringing youth to the brand and making it a firm part of a modern, fashionable life. Quirky details and unique twists on classic footwear and catwalk trends make these leather boots and more an essential part of every cool girls’ wardrobe.

All inspired by and built upon the popularity of classic lines and materials, this Australian footwear brand experiments with detail, silhouettes and treatments to create extraordinary collections of wardrobe triumphs.

Classic yet obscure, Senso was originally founded to be sold in speciality boutiques, but now features in high-end department stores the world over. Popular in hundreds of countries around the globe, these are shoes with a point-of-view.

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