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Tommy Hilfiger Womenswear

Tommy Hilfiger Womenswear

Since 1996 Tommy and his signature red, white and blue flag have long been a frequent and firm feature in the wardrobes of preppy, urban style obsessed women across the world.

Each of Tommy Hilfiger's greatest collections for women, over the past 20 years, have been clearly influenced by various music subcultures, which in turn made them increasingly popular with the American 'preppy' scene as well as hip-hop fashion.

In the early 90s Tommy’s casual sportswear evolved into a baggier, less tailored look. The evolution of the style included oversized logos which attracted hip-hop artists and 90s icons including Aaliyah and other R’n’B artists of the time.

Today, the early 90s styling of Tommy is seeing a revival.Collaborations with Zendaya and Gigi Hadid mean the appeal of outspoken athleisurewear really speaks to the new generation of Tommy fans.

Tommy's womenswear collection forms the essence of the brand’s contemporary offerings, with ladies’ jackets, jumpers and tops influenced by classic Americana. Find bold colourways and weekend staples delivered with a fresh twist, as well as lingerie and nightwear with a sports aesthetic in our collection at BrandAlley.

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