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Vans Shoes

Vans Shoes

Unconventional in design, these skate-inspired treads consolidate style and substance from the fringes of sub-culture into a neat sneaker that has become a most popular symbol of comfort and cool.

Now fifty years old, Vans has been bringing amazing footwear to the masses since 1966. The Van Doren brothers Paul and Jim opened for business in California, making and selling shoes directly out of their shop on Broadway. On the first day, twelve pairs of shoes are ordered, made and picked up by their new owners. Originally named The Van Doren Rubber Company, skateboarders on the scene in the early seventies coined the phrase Vans, which has stuck ever since. Rubber, sticky soles and a rugged make-up make the now classic sports shoe popular with skateboarders all over Southern California, who adopt the footwear as their uniform of sorts.

In 1976, the brand debuted its “Off the Wall” logo, highlighting sub-culture and doing things differently. Today, it continues to work alongside those in the music and skate scenes to create a comfortable and iconic shoe that works for people who go against the grain.

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